Small Steps To A Loving Planet
Evolving ourselves, empowering others.

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Why is helping our planet not the new normal yet? The time has come to change that.

Inspiring others is the art of the Heart.

“To create change is not by confronting something head on. It’s by trying to find a way to reach the heart”

— Dr. Jane Goodall —

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This planet needs as much love as possible <3

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“I didn’t expect this at all, it touched so many area’s of my life. Just a couple of minutes a day and somehow I entered a different state of mind and REALLY felt the difference. Even after a few days. Mirjam is very special, one to keep close to your heart and trust. Only when we have more love for ourselves, we can truly love and help others. A life lesson that I knew to be true but now heartily experienced through Mirjam her program.”

Sofie van Kemenade

— Sofie van Kemenade —