Last night we came home late and I was chatting on my phone with my dear friend Linda on (ofcourse) being pregnant or not.. I put down the phone and went for a quick pee. Ironically enough, there was my period. Shit ;(

So I started googling on the topic and found out it is possible to bleed and still be pregnant. Thus this morning, as we initially intended, we still took the test.


So here we are. Not pregnant. But really ok with that. Yes we are dissapointed, but I am so very happy that I shared my story and highly recommend it. It feels so much lighter than last week. I received the sweetest (pm)messages from lots of you and know that our story is very common. A lot of you went through the exact same thing. I feel incredibly privileged to have heard your stories and it gives us so much hope that everything will be allright in the end.

Negative pregnancy test

For now I still feel weird, have swollen breasts and just got nauseous. But.. No baby in there. My body wants to be pregnant and I feel very grateful for that.

Thank you dearly for all your lovely words & wishes here and on facebook! To be continued!


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