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In a Gentle Way We Can Change the World

How can we make helping Mother Earth incredibly contagious? How does she get the attention she deserves? Creating a World of Difference goes way beyond changing lightbulbs and separating the trash. Important. Yes, but truly uninspiring to be honest. We like meaning in our lives. So I’d like to look at a broader perspective. We need BIG change, that involves MANY people. What if how we speak about our kids’ future, becomes contagious and inspires others to make changes themself?


Why such an extravagant picture for a planet friendly company?

A kind life doesn’t mean you have to look vintage, beige or boring. It means you check your heart and feel what’s really YOU. I want to change the picture programmed in our minds about a kind and planet friendly life, because frankly.. it’s not appealing to me. And this is what I LOVE to wear. I love wearing clothes that could be worn to a wedding. I love feeling pretty like that. So why the heck would I walk around in something different? Can it be conscious? Absolutely. 


“Empowering others, is the Art of the Heart.”

Evolving Ourselves, Empowering Others.

How can we inspire others to take care of their home too? Many ways! And this one is vital. And yet we all have the tendency from time to time. Telling people what to do. This is rarely going to change them nor help them. By listening in, truly showing compassion and respecting their path. A magical space opens up in which you can inspire them and help them learn. BONUS: It feels amazing too.

We Believe In Magic

“Those who don’t believe in MAGIC will never find it” – Roald Dahl.

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