A vibrant conversation can change your life. I love having conversations like that, you know what I mean right?

Most of the time, something is missing. We want to do something meaningful in this world or simply feel better. Great intention!

But.. There’s a distinct difference between wanting that, knowing how to do it and actually doing it. Integrate it into your being.

We try a bunch of things, (try to) pick up meditation, promise ourselves to say ‘No’ more often or take another e-course..

and in a matter of weeks or months we’re stuck again. We lose hope, get angry with ourselves and diminish our self-esteem, because of it.

I know this because it has been my story too. As I feel your frustrations all too well, I will help you bring lightness and ease. Joy even.

This is what I can’t stop doing.


Email your request to ChangeTheWorld@Mirjam.com and we’ll figure out a time that works for both of us.

Skypecall / 1 hour / $200,- (Paypal payment only)



You’re passionate in what you want to do. You want to create meaningful change in this world.

But your clients brains are wired in unhelpful ways to create to deal with complicated situations and rather look the other way.

Change is possible and you’d love to know how. This workshop combines Positive Psychology, Compassion and Green living.

You know, you can create beautiful things. But the whole point is that people DO IT. That’s where my heart starts to sing.

Because having a great vision is one thing. But how can you spread all of that inspirational work around and truly make a difference?

In just 4 hours you’ll feel enlightened and empowered to create the change you’re aiming for.

In this short workshop you’ll get an intensive training of what normally takes 100 days in the Change The World Program®.


Available dates from June 2017. For more info & requests send an e-mail to ChangeTheWorld@Mirjam.com

From 5 persons / 4 hours $999,- per person 


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